Farm update: Fence, Chickens, Lambs, Rabbits, it’s spring!

Farther & farther apart, I know, far too busy!

DSC_3428Spring and work has started in abundance, got to work on the garden – hoping to create a garden large enough for our family & another that is helping us, as well as a market garden.

The entire right side what’s been turned over here has already been planted with mangle wurzles (don’t ask me to pronounce it) for winter fodder for the animals & busting up the hard packed soil there (the shop used to be a pig pen). We got ours from Wallace Springs Farm. 


The goats has had blast & a feast with this awesome free food from a local landscaping company (cedars they were pulling out).




4 truck loads has kept them munching for quite a few weeks, they are even stripping & eating the bark.


DSC_3423We bought a tractor over the winter to do the fence with (was cheaper then paying someone & we have been able to get SO many of those smaller projects I was using the atv & trailer for done much faster). So we started work on the garden fence.

Brad has learned a TON about fixing the back auger on the tractor in a few weeks… we seem to finally have the right combination of sheer bolts.


We lost my beloved dog Kayla on the road when she got under the fence and ran over to see me & the kids talking to the neighbour.

Please, when driving through rural areas with populated roads slow down. There was always kids, animals (domestic and wild) and people enjoying the country side.

Plus you’re missing all the wonderful sights of the farms as you speed along wherever you’re going.

So we put the garden fence on the back-burner and immediately started fixing the front fence. I got to knock this one out with the sledge.


It went a lot faster with the tractor.

We’ve been working hard and already have much of the front fixed, now we’re working on the far (open) side to create the other paddock we wanted.


After 2 years of debate, we settled on this welded fencing because it’s beautiful, and small squared (4×2!) to keep the goats & chickens in and it wasn’t too expensive. Brad’s been cutting posts for months from a nearby wood-lot (with permission!), so we’re doing the exterior in cedar posts and the interior divisions in T-posts.


There is even bird-netting on the gate because my chickens kept slipping through it to get to the front.

We also have some new additions.


Our feral rabbit, Mr. Bunn Bunn has some new friends I haven’t gotten a picture of yet.

Some new hens as well, although we’re always looking for more!

We’re getting a good number of eggs, but could always use more young pullets.


And this very cute little call duck drakes, which they were pretty much just giving away.

He’s got his wings clipped now so we’ll see what happens when he moults!

DSC_3801We will be having some more new additions very shortly!

There is poultry brooding all over the farm.





Margie finally had her kids!

A beautiful doe & buck set, we’ve been very lucky with our 50/50 split this year. I’m planning on keeping the doe but the little buck will be for sale, he is a lamancha x alpine. He’s got lovely sandy-brown points to his coat.


One of Brad’s friends is also starting up a farm and offered us a great price on our cows (Daisy & Penny) as well as the 3 lambs we were raising – so they’re all gone!

We’ll be looking for some more lambs to add to the farm soon, the cows I think we’re going to wait for a little while, figure out what we want to do long-term.



Lastly, after a nice hot-spell the sheep all got sheared just in time for the temperature to drop! So they’re not too pleased, but they will be in a few more days when the temperature goes back up.

They look ridiculous (especially the jacobs with their big horns) but it’s nice to be able to see them again, and especially the beautiful polka-dot coat Lamby has grown into!

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